Portrait of Wolf Peter Weber

BirdClix was launched by © Wolf P. Weber in 2000 as a means
for Birders and the Birding Community to participate in his photographic adventures and observations of birds & waterfowl. Essentially an effort
to be in touch with and record what's left (or not) of the Natural World.
Just see the Osprey nest on a red tile roof in Florida.
No advertising nor subscription fees and no obligation to buy anything.
Originally Wolf became interested in birds as a sailor during his youth...
"Whenever we'd see birds we knew that shore couldn't be too far.
Our aches, our minds would go with them. Later I had the extraordinary chance
to be able to enjoy the sounds of Nightingales while living in the South of France. How many nights we fell silent by an open window and listened. We'd just sit
back and be absorbed; moments of pure Zen... Now and then I got to see one of these enchanting birds, stopping over during their annual migration to Africa.
To my regret, I never succeeded in taking a picture due to my
inadequate gear
at the time."
Current additions are 4 pages of Painted Buntings, finally,
after many years of efforts in vain..
In the works are observations of Limpkins and Purple Gallinules,
with many
Large files on these rare species are making fitting selections a pain.

Roseate Spoonbills have been updated with new images...
Always fascinating are encounters with Black Skimmers, truly distinctive
water birds, awesome flyers, see for yourself...
Rather noteworthy images on BirdClix certainly are those about the smallest
of falcons, the American Kestrel. With the probably never before recorded exploit
of a male provider bringing a small rabbit kill to the high-up nest...
Last, not least, American Bald Eagles are the most covered birds
by now. Many photographic updates...
Harlequin Ducks and various other water fowl, around Rhode Island's
Sachuest Point might be of interest as well. Not to forget many photographs
of Green Herons, rather solitary wading birds. (Updates soon)
There are more than 10 pages on
Ospreys, for those who don't have these
(mainly) coastal birds in their vicinity. With an instructive picture sequence of
an Osprey pair with a nest on top of the roof of a small lighthouse in SW Florida.

Various Birds and Waterfowl presents a variety of photographic exploits
with frequent additions.

Funnies is a new rubric with such. Check'em out...

Please notice: an extensive story about the relevance and importance of Mangrove ecosystems to the planet, with many pictures of all kinds of waterfowl, is online
at <WolfP.com> Relevance especially now that we keep learning year after year
that carbon emissions aren't coming down. To the contrary.
Therefore: Mangroves for the Planet...

New: Photo scoops of molting Little Blue Herons and of Kites.

Images of Limpkins, many of them, will be coming soon, though a lot later than
. My work on and around Monarch Butterflies had suddenly become more
Not only do I observe and photograph them, circumstances have led me
to become an active butterfly cultivator. Nature needs pollinators, and with the
number of honey bees in many places decimated by the spray campaign against
Zika virus carrying mosquitoes, butterflies have a larger than ever role to play.
We need more of them.

BirdClix was designed by WPW with creative and technical consultation
from Peter Lanham

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