Picture report on waterfowl mainly, around RI's Sachuest Point, NWR - Intro page...

<Picture of a bunch of Harlequin Ducks enjoying the waves>
Sachuest Point, RI, National Wildlife Refuge - 11 page report covering birds, waterfowl
and wildlife. Includes some impressions from the nearby Beaver Tail State Park...
9 pictures of Harlequin Ducks and 6 of Common Eiders. 3 photographs with various Loons.
3 images each of Gannets and Oldsquaws, 4 of Purple Sandpipers. 2 pictures each of
Brants, Common Goldeneyes and Grebes. One wide shot with Buffleheads.
Also Harbor Seals and Deer.
The 3 pictures here of these mainly male "Harlies" are from a late November day 2008.
<Harlequin Ducks taking off>
<Picture of Harlequin Ducks taking flight>
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