Images of Zwergtauchers or the Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis) also known as
Dabchick, and that of one of its predators, the Buteo buteo or Common Buzzard
<Image by  Wolf Peter Weber of 2 Zwergtauchers / Little Grebes above and (their bubbles) below the water>

Along the very same Hunte river I have been able to observe Zwergtauchers (dwarf divers,
in literal translation) or Little Grebes, formerly known as the Dabchick. not present in
the Americas and certainly one of the smallest of water birds. Now you see’em, now you don’t
is what I mean to illustrate with the above 2 images in one... Like most Grebes they are savvy swimmer-divers, going after small fish and aquatic invertebrate almost exclusively below the surface. In fact, one comes away with the impression they’re more often under water than above.
Though somewhat in decline the species seems quite well distributed across Europe, with breeding pair numbers reported to exceed 100 thousand. Watch how they avoid (presumed)
raptors like the Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo overhead by using the vegetation for cover.
Try spotting them from a good 20 yards across the river. Then, after you discovered one,
try following its diving patterns. Infuriating..!

<Images by  Wolf Peter Weber of a Common Buzzard circling above and of a Zwergtauchers or Little Grebe in safe hiding>
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