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5 photographs by Wolf Peter Weber of Horned Owls - 2 Adult Owls. Ma with a chick. A juvenile Owl, a parent Owl with a chick in a nest, 2 Owl chicks looking from their nest.
Top left, these 2 adult Great Horned Owls used to meet up in Manhattan's Central Park
during early Spring, presumably on their way North from wherever they had migrated to...
In the picture below we get an adult + chick nesting (...) at the NY Botanical Garden in
the Bronx. That was in the 2nd week of April 2008. Some 8 days later, surprise, surprise,
mutual curiosity from 2 sets of Owl chicks' eyes. Ma (one can assume) was watching over
them from a slightly higher perch some 20 yards away... The picture of the lone chick is from
a forest in CT at a time when the host tree was just opening its buds. The actual nest had
been in the hollow at the left where some twigs remained. Hardy birds, not much comfort.

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