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"All hands aboard..."
Whatever gets abandoned or neglected by people, nature won't take long...
This here derelict boat,
a trimaran of sorts, had been taken over by a few
Pelicans and a dozen or so
Cormorants in need of a place to gather and dry off.
Photographed in one of
the yacht harbors of
San Diego's Mission Bay.






Cormorants seem to enjoy
a nice warm sunset as
much as we do. I've seen
(and photographed) 100's
of them roosting on these power lines across the
San Diego River at the
end of the day...
It's the environment they know. In other words,
it's what they perceive
as natural.

<3 images by Wolf Peter Weber, taken at the San Diego River and harbor, of Cormorants <br>
roosting on an abandoned boat and on power lines.>

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