Pictures of American Avocets in various places, mainly Southern California...
4 pages
with 11 photographs by Wolf Peter Weber
<Photograph by Wolf Peter Weber of a small bunch of Avocets resting on a narrow, pebbly sand bank>
The small bunch of Avocets resting on a pebbly sand bank above were photographed at the
urban wetland Famosa Slough in San Diego, CA. The picture in the center is from the Tihuana Estuary further South. Like many birds, when not breeding, Avocets like to gather in numbers.

<Photograph by Wolf Peter Weber of quite a large assembly of American Avocets well hidden.>

The large busy flock of these elegant shorebirds below was assembling in one of the
branches of the Wister Waterfowl Enhancement area at the edge of California's Salton Sea.
One does not often get to observe them flying. But just look at the tandem to the right.

<Panorama photograph of American Avocets by Wolf Peter Weber. Image showing a large flock of these elegant shorebirds. >
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