Pg 3: Images of Snowy Plover birds during mating and chick raising season in Florida...
It was surprising to learn that adult Snowy Plovers can get rather aggressive. For breeding ground,
though the species mostly breed in colonies often in proximity to nesting Least Terns,
Snowys will even fight amongst themselves The dive attacker was trying to drive fellow
breeders away from its own nesting site. They seemed to have come too close for comfort...
<picture by © Wolf Peter Weber of defensive as well as agressive behaviour by Snowy Plovers during mating season>

Just see how they blend in... It takes a lucky circumstance to spot a family of tinies against a backdrop
of almost ideal camouflage, a stretch of fragmented shells, as below... 3 fledglings are quite rare. In most
cases there will be but one survivor. At times there may be two. I was even more fortunate to get them all
together for one quick shot since the chicks ran constantly in all directions to confuse eventual predators...

<Photo by © Wolf Peter Weber of an adult Snowy Plover bird with 3 small chicks blending into a background of broken seashells.>
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