Pictures of Snowy Plover parent and chick, hiding and running for survival...
<2 photos of Snowy Plover chick taking cover under adult wings>
A 4-legged bird..? Of course not. Simply a Snowy Plover chick hiding under a much needed
save haven every once in awhile. Survival needs have shaped their genetic makeup, providing fledglings with legs almost as long and as sprintly as those of adult birds. Most of the time,
at that tender stage, they literally run for their lives. Chicks tire often from all that crisscross...
When they don't take refuge under a parent's wing, they will use any little cover the beach
might offer. A watchful parent will emit a low pitched call of alarm at the approach
of whatever they might consider a potential danger. Then the sprint is on again...
<Image by  Wolf P. Weber of Snowy Plover parent and chick sprinting along a beach>
<2 photos by  Wolf P. Weber of Snowy Plover chick's survival tactics at the beach>
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