Large floats of Common Eider ducks around RI's Beaver Tail and Sachust Point, NWR
<Image of a flock of Common Eiders>
When I refer to the Sachuest Point Refuge as a great birding location, I should add that
Beaver Tail State Park, with its lighthouse, at the extreme of nearby Conanicut Island
is often included in my travels and in my photography. In fact, it is there where one gets to
watch rafts and rafts of Common Eiders during the winter season, while over at "Sachuest"
I have never seen more than a few. Harlequin Ducks seem to be more evenly distributed,
though observing them might be easier over at the refuge...
I'm not the greatest when it comes to taking notes. A few images included in this report may
have been taken at nearby places like Trustom Pond or around Point Judith, which I found
to be a good site for Loons. There are more places worth a Birder's while in the vicinity.
For my photography I have learned not to get too dispersed. As to the various pictures
in this chronicle, they only represent a small portion of "what's out there" or what's in my
files by now... So much more to cover. It's an ongoing affair.
<Large picture of Common Eiders close to a rocky coast>
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