Manhattan Bird watchers, Red-tail Hawks - Images from March 2012 of Pale Male and Zena
<Picture by Wolf Peter Weber of a group of bird watchers in NY's Central Park>
Central Park, where the Birding is easy... Around the Conservancy Water near 74th Street. from the
onset of spring, as above, into early summer, Birders will be trying to catch some action at the nest
<Picture by Wolf Peter Weber of quite an assembly of birders in NY's Central Park>

On the antenna it’s Zena, left, with the paler male to the right. March 18, 2012, afternoon...
The image of the nest and its (then) current tenants is from Sunday March 4th. Pale Male on
the left with an
attentive Zena. A week or so before the end of June the 3 hatchlings were flying.
Not for long...
That's when the great matchmaker of the realm of raptors introduced Octavia (next).

<2 pictures by Wolf Peter Weber of Pale Male, the Red-tail Hawk, in flight, approaching, and with his latest mate, Zena, in the nest above New York's 5th Avenue.>
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