Manhattan Red-tail Hawks - Pale Male, his mates and offspring - Spring 2014 update..!
Many page report enclosing more than 30 images about raptors and NY Bird Watchers
along 5th Avenue, in and above Central Park, Manhattan, New York City. Haikus by Doris Heitmeyer.
<Large photograph by Wolf Peter Weber of Pale Male, a Manhattan Red-tail Hawk, mating with Blue on an antenna on top of a building on NY's 5th Avenue>

Top large image from Feb. 98... Back then it was Blue under Pale Male on the antenna
on top of a building on 5th Avenue. There also were First Love, Lola and a few others.
When Lima died from rat poison in late February of 2012, she was quickly replaced by Zena
for another round of propagation... 3 healthy hatchlings were the result of their endeavors.
By the end of the 3rd full week in June they had all taken to the sky.
By late fall however
only one of them was left. The two others plus Zena had fallen victim to NY's rat patrol...
A big city nature saga turned grievous, to say it from a human perspective. Female hawks
don’t seem to be as savvy as Pale Male, the great male survivor, estimated to have
piled up some 20+ years under his wings...
From 2013 it has become the turn of Octavia, a much younger but very impressive bird. The number
covering the raptor birds is approaching legend. When in New York I try to follow up
as well. A few images of Pale Male and sucessors most recent mates are onthe next pages.

Personally I rather return to
subjects of greater urgency, like what to do about increasing
GHG emissions and Global Warming... One (partial) solution: Mangroves for the Planet

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