Female + juvenile Painted Buntings feeding off Bidens alba/Spanish Needle flower buds in SW Florida
<View by wpw from top and side of a female Painted Bunting, picking at a Spanish Needle flower>
<Photo by ©wpw of a female or juvenile Painted Bunting almost surrounded bu bulbs of Spanish Needle flowers>

In contrast to the painterly colors of their male counterparts, female Painted Buntings sport less outrageous feathers, certainly to protect the survival of the species. Of the 4 birds on this page
at least 2 if not all are females, one or 2 might be juveniles. Hard to find an explanation
as to why the beaks of the birds at the bottom appear lighter than those of the other 2...

<2 Pictures by ©wpw of a female, left, 
         stretching to the max, and a juvenile, right, Painted Bunting, both picking bulbs of Spanish Needle flowersr>
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