Osprey birds of prey report - page A: Osprey nest on Mission Bay yacht...
10 page photo report, last updated September 2018. (no longer in numerical order, sorry)
<Large image of a large boat in the harbor of San Diego's Mission Bay with an osprey nest all the way on top of a tall mast>
<Picture of 2 Ospreys in their nest on top of a yacht.>

A joke was making rounds among San Diego boaters in the spring of 2007:
“If the owner of this rig ever wants to take to sea again,
he’ll have to leave his mast behind.”

Ospreys, just like Bald Eagles, nowadays nest where man leaves an opening.
Absence of dead or broken off tree trunks, the top of a mast as this one in the harbor
of San Diego's Mission Bay will do just fine. Thank You, Mr. Yachtsman.”
10 page photo report (not quite in numerical order, sorry) about Ospreys, with
almost 40 photographs of Osprey families, adult birds as well as hatchlings
and fledglings.
Plus a mating sequence on the Osprey Scoop page.
Natural and man-made nests in Florida. Big nest (see above) on top of a
boat in Mission Bay, San Diego. Ospreys in flight and with fish just caught.
Images of a nesting pair near Stamford, CT are from April 2015.
See The Catch, a fine art print, in the BirdClix.com online gallery.

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