Bird facts and observations:
osprey nests on man-made platforms and structures...
Osprey birds of prey have made a steady comeback from the great decline of the 50's and 60's. They're now competing for any habitat. In Florida, where urbanization has imposed (and is imposing) its priorities over environmental concerns, ospreys have managed rather well coping
in a world shaped by humans... So it comes as no surprise that they will not only make use
of assembled wood skeletons, electricity poles, the center concave of giant floodlights
high above sports arenas, but even rooftops and on tubing across highways.

<2 images of 2 different osprey nests on man-made wood structures in SW Florida.r&gt>
<Left image portrays a female Osprey nesting with
a brood of 3 on the red tiled roof of a lighthouse in Florida. Right image shows an osprey in yet another nest on a floodlight tower.>

The picture of the female Osprey (who died in 2008 during nesting, chicks were abandoned)
with a brood of 3 was taken a year or so before the hurricanes of 2004-05. Subsequently
the nest got blown off and was rebuilt several times. Below is the squat as it appeared in
January of 2009. Ospreys, like most raptor birds, partner for life, or for as long as both members
of a pair remain intact... Recall: this is the very nest shown in the succession of mating shots
from the onset of the newly paired’s first breeding season. Fast forward - 2018. (next))

<The nest with its pair of tenants on top of the same roof (with damaged tiles) <br>
of a small lighthouse in Florida.>
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