Merganser report; For openers, 2 images with a somewhat oddly stretched-neck
which seems to occur across the species of Common Mergansers
(Mergus merganser)
, and Red-breasted Mergansers (Mergus serrator).

Top: Hausatonic River, CT, March 2012. Mating season is approaching and pairs are coming together again. At this early stage they’re not yet mating. While biking along
the Appalachian Trail, I get to observe quite a few of them. This was only the 2nd time
in many years I was privy to such horizontal neck-stretch. None exhibited by a male.

<Picture by © Wolf Peter Weber of a female Common Merganser on a rock in a river stretching forward towards a male in the water>
Bottom: The posture of the Red-breasted female resting in a Florida cove was a mystery to me.
Still is... A simple exercise..? One would see it more often. Digesting or indigestion,
letting off steam, perhaps..? No matter was ejected. And it certainly had nothing to do with any
kind of mating display. No males in sight. Migration season. For more on that please go to...
<Picture by © Wolf Peter Weber of a female Common Merganser on a sandy shore spot, stretching forward in curious fashion>
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