Green Heron bird catching fish. Green Heron report and observations, page 2

<A Green Heron on his hunting perch looking for a catch intensely.>
<2 pictures of the same Green Heron plunging his long beak into the water covered with green algea.>

Below is a surprise follow-up to the above sequence of catching a small fish. Only a few times have I been able to get more than one Green Heron into a frame. Nests are well hidden, usually in or under the thick of a bush overhanging the edge of a lake or river. Though it’s rather difficult to tell male from female Green Heron, one might deduct a female bird on the left trying to snatch a free lunch... “She” appeared from her own fishing spot some 50 yards away. This is most likely the parent pair of the 2 juveniles we get to observe further down... Photographed at a Bronx River widening in NY.

<The Green Heron succeeded. He's got a little fish. Another Green Heron appeared out of nowhere, probably interested in Free Lunch.>