American Robins - adult, hatched and fledged Robin birds, 7 page photo report

This is the general picture we have of
the American Robin. Always attentive,
an eye and ear close to the ground,
waiting ever so patiently for the next
earthworm to come to light. With all
the worms the huge Robin population gets to pick, one has to wonder how it is that there are any left at all. In fact, there seems to be an endless supply, as
if the species were bound by a cordial agreement, "you need, we provide."
Other than worms, the Robin will feed
on a variety of insects and berries.
Early brood nestlings may get lots of
Mulberries, where available and in season, to balance their diet.

<Image of a Robin bird attentiv in a meadow>
<Picture of Robin bird with earthworm>
<Profile of Robin bird with nice and fat earthworm>
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