American Robin birds nesting, and with hatchlings... Photo report, page 2

Sitting on eggs for up to just under 2 weeks is the business of the female Robin. She may leave the nest
for short periods, to feed and preen
while the male stays close by.
Stick out your neck or perish seems to
be the motto for hatchlings of all bird species. There is a pecking order of course, with Alpha usually getting the best of it. Observing parent birds at a nest, one often comes away with the impression that they are somewhat in awe with the results of their labors.
An average of 4 chicks per brood
seems to be the rule, by the way...

<Closeup af a breeding Robin bird>
<Image of Robin bird close to a nest with 4 hatchlings>
<Adult Robin bird and his brood of 4 in a nest>
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